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Grow Tubes
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Grow Tubes

We are Inline Plastics Inc., manufacturers of extruded plastic tubing and profiles, with over 75 years of combined experience. Our plant is equipped with five new extruders along with state of the art downstream equipment. We extrude over 25 types of plastic resins, which gives us the ability to match the resin for both mechanical and physical properties based on our customer requirements.

 We have many years of experience manufacturing “Grow Tubes”. We can custom manufacture “Grow Tubes” to any diameter, any color or concentration of color and any length desired. We can also ‘slit’ the wall if needed.

The most popular diameters are 3”-(3.050” I.D. x .025” wall thickness), 3-1/2”-(3.450” I.D. x .025 wall thickness) and 4”-(4.000” I.D. x .025” wall thickness), with the two popular colors being a “Translucent Green” and “Translucent Beige”. Both of these colors have been specifically developed for the grape growing industry to aid in growth and protection of grapevines and young trees from the elements.

We also add a “U.V. Package” to the resin that protects the color from fading as well as the tube from U.V. damage from the sun thus extending years of service.

With the continuing improvement of plastic resins and additives we will continue to aid growers with the development of new types of “Grow Tubes” as well as improving existing types.

We also manufacture “Wire Guards”, the slit white tube that easily snaps on to wire or cables to make them visible.

If you have a need for “Grow Tubes” or “Wire Guards” or if you have a special project for extruded plastic parts please give us an opportunity to serve you.  Contact us today for more information!


Grow Tubes

Grow Tubes